About Us


Rebecca - Founder, Senior Planner, Lead Designer

 I began my career as a wedding planner in 2007, a few years after planning my own wedding, and completing training through the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants.  My detail oriented personality and organization skills helped to play big part in discovering this passion.  When I am not planning weddings I am spending time with my daughter and 3 dachshunds in Farmington. We love going camping in the summer and traveling to new places, my favorite place I've traveled to is Hawaii.​ 

  • Favorite part of a wedding day - When I fluff the bride's train and send her down the aisle to meet her groom, because then I can take a deep breath and enjoy the moment we have all gathered for; to witness two people's love for each other.
  • Favorite flower -  Iris 
  • Favorite color - Purple
  • Fun fact about me - I am a pescatarian (only eat fish),  and I once had 5 pet rats!


Miranda - Coordinator and Planner

I have a background in catering, which is what sparked my interest in wedding planning. I joined the team at Wedding Expectations in 2016 as an intern, then became an assistant coordinator within a few months.  My favorite things about this job are the details and organization that it takes to create an event. I live in Saratoga Springs with my husband and currently attend UVU as a Communications Major. My hobbies include rock climbing and photography.

  • Favorite part of a wedding day - My favorite part of the wedding day is right before the bride walks down the aisle. In those last few seconds, the hustle and bustle of preparation stops, as we meet the climax of months of planning. As I watch the bride and groom take one last deep breath before it all begins, I witness the very instant two people walk into their future together. That's a moment of sheer joy.
  • Favorite flower - Peony or Dahlia
  • Favorite color - Crimson
  • Fun fact about me - I once had a pet sting ray


Melissa - Floral Designer

 I have always loved flowers, and after working as a florist's assistant I made it a hobby of mine to make corsages and boutonnières for school dances and helping friends and family with wedding flowers. I love creating with lots of different mediums and have started to love gardening. I joined the team at Wedding Expectations in 2016. I currently live in Layton with my husband and 3 daughters

  • Favorite flower - Calla Lily
  • Favorite color - Yellow
  • Fun fact about me - I play the cello and am reteaching myself how to play the piano


Rachael - Coordinator

I fell in love with weddings after planning my own in 2017. I gained some experience in executing weddings by being a part of my friends' weddings as a musician, calligrapher and assistant coordinator. I joined the Wedding Expectations team in January of 2018 after helping Miranda, a Coordinator and Planner, with a wedding and I absolutely fell in love with the job. I recently graduated from Tabor College with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and currently live in Saratoga Springs with my husband. I work as an Extended Learning Specialist at a community school in Midvale and run the Afterschool Program. In my free time, I enjoy writing music, hiking, horseback riding, and traveling the world.

  • Favorite part of a wedding day: When the bride and groom are announced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. because it is the exact moment when a new chapter opens and their forever together begins.
  • Favorite flower: Tulip
  • Favorite Color: Lavender
  • Fun Fact: I am in a band and am working on recording my first album.